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My Story

I've loved every minute of my journey and it's only just started. I have always enjoyed taking photos but it was only in the last few years I discovered I actually had a talent for it. Since then I have tried to learn as much as I can about the art of photography. I have joined groups of other photographers who have taught me so much and added to my camera arsenal with a Canon 30D and my favourite a Canon 7D as well as additional lens' and other accessories, the buying is almost as much fun as using them.

An Idea is Born

I have always had a love of photography but never the means to pursue it until recently. I was lucky enough to get a Canon EOS 1200D camera as a gift and the rest, as they say, is history. Without any real style or technique to what I was doing I started taking some pictures of sunsets and rivers. It was only after showing these to a few people I discovered I actually had a talent for this type of photography. So further study ensued. I learnt all about exposure, aperture and ISO etc. But even with that knowledge my photo's really are about what I see, the beauty in nature which lead to the name Through My Lens.

Doing What I Love

Being able to combine two passions has been a great thrill for me. I love to get out and hike in the rain forests or down to a beach, looking over a headland, even marveling at city skylines and discovering wonders I didn't know existed before. But I get to relive the enjoyment when the time comes to look at the pictures I have taken and make some small edits to enhance their beauty, to see the vision in my head come to life through my lens.

From Camera to Canvas

After exploring and enjoying the learning I was gathering from my photo taking people started asking me about getting copies of my pictures. While very flattering, it did make me realise I could share my photo's and my love of nature further by starting this business. So Through My Lens was born and it gives me a great thrill to see my pictures larger than life on canvas or behind glass.